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U.S. DHS/ICE and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

U.S. DHS Certified Use Of Force Instructor

Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL)





           "Worth The Fee, Or It's FREE!"

                                                                                            We Guarantee our training 100%.  If you don't feel the training was worth what you paid, we will give you your money back.  No questions asked!

Double Tapp, LLC has purchased 160 acres 15 minutes east of Boise, behind the Boise Stage Stop.  Here, we will begin with one handgun range, and add much, much more over the next 36 months.  For detailed information, see our "Double Tapp Range Project Page"  tab above...


Double Tapp, LLC. offers a variety of class options to meet any need.  If you are thinking about obtaining your Concealed Weapons Permit or if you have one and just want to be more comfortable and proficient with your handgun -- we can help!  Fully registered with the NRA and insured, we have  classes for beginners and the more advanced.  We have safety and proficiency classes for kids.  We teach classes for Home Safety, Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Awareness.  Whatever your firearm training needs might be -- take a look around our site and feel free to contact us with questions.


We offer a discount for groups of 4 or more, so if you have family, friends or co-workers who would like to train, contact us here or send us an email and lets set it up.


As a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer (FFL) we can assist you the purchase of a new or used firearm.  If you buy a firearm online, we can handle the transfer for a low flat fee of $25.  Contact us for details.


As a certified Use of Force Instructor for the Department of Homelend Security I am qualified to teach Use of Force to Federal Police Officers.  A solid understanding  of laws related to the use of a weapon for self protection, becoming proficient with that weapon and actually demonstrating that proficiency as well as understanding some things relative to "mental preparation" are ALL required for you to be a safe, proper and responsible gun owner. And believe it or not, in most training classes being offered in Idaho today, most of those topics aren't even being covered at all!
 Please take a moment to read the "About The Instructor" page, and email me if you have any questions.   I believe that I am one of the most experienced and well qualified Firearm Instructors in the State of Idaho.  I am excited about teaching such an important topic to good Americans eager to learn. I know that I will make you a better, safer shooter. I believe in what I do. And I believe in my ability to teach it to you. Come learn to shoot with me!




News!  Double Tapp has an exciting future!!        


We are working on our new Simulations Training.  We have purchased simulations equipment that is much like that used in Law Enforcement.  Students participate by interacting with life sized video scenarios that will portray a variety of situations.  You make decisions regarding actions you would or would not take.  We talk about the decisions that were made, and discuss what, if any, other options would have been available.   We are also looking for property to build a private range and classroom facility on.  If you know of any potential locations available -- PLEASE let us know!!


If interested in any of these upcomming training opportunities, email us at info@doubletappboise.com!

Upcoming Classes



If you see a training date that you would like to reserve, email us at mark@doubletappboise.com or contact us here on the web site to reserve a spot.  


Our most popular option is the "private day" for one or two people.  This is a full 8 hour day, and is only $300.  For two people, this is a great way to go!  Only $30 more per person  (compared to a full class of 5 to 7)  and a much more personalized day.  These classes can be booked on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  


           Classes are suitable for application -- Idaho Enhanced CCW



If you have a group, contact us for a group rate!  Example:  a preassembled group of 6 is $600 -- $100 per person.


Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com




September, 2017 


                       Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com


                          Qualifies for application Idaho Enhanced


Pistol & Personal Safety  Sat. 2nd    8   hrs.    Boise          $120      



Private Days Available:  1 or 2 people $150 half day or $300 for a full day

Saturday, Sept. 9th

Sunday, Sept. 10th 

Monday,  Sept 11th  Booked


Saturday,  Sept 23rd

Sunday,  Sept 24th

Monday,  Sept 25th



If you have a group, contact us for a group rate!  Example:  a preassembled group of 6 is $600 -- $100 per person.


Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com


October, 2017 

                                                    Elk Season

                       Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com


                          Qualifies for application Idaho Enhanced


Private Days Available:  1 or 2 people $150 half day or $300 for a full day

Saturday, October 28th  

Sunday, October 29th

Monday, October 30th





If you have a group, contact us for a group rate!  Example:  a preassembled group of 6 is $600 -- $100 per person.



November, 2017 


                           All listed qualifiy for application Idaho Enhanced


Contact us to reserve a private training day for 2 People (Sat.Sun Mon)

                        Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com



Pistol & Personal Safety  Sat. 4th     8   hrs.        Boise                $120 

Pistol & Personal Safety  Sat. 18th    8   hrs.        Boise                $120 


                           Private Days Available (2 people): 


              Pistol & Personal Safety --  $300  (total for two people)

Saturday, November 11th

Sunday November 12th

Monday, November  6th            

Monday, November 13

Monday, November 20th   




                                Email us at:   info@doubletappboise.com 




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NEW CLASS!!  Basic Firearm Safety.  Affordable and very in-depth, this class is guaranteed to exceed yur expectations.  All classroom -- no live fire this class qualifies as training suitable for a "regular" Idaho CCW.  We are offering this class at an introductory price of only $50 per-person.  If you have a group of family, friends, co-workers or employees and want to set up a day for this great class, email us at mark@doubletappboise.com.

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