Mark Cerchione is a certified NRA Firearms Instructor. He is also a certified Firearms Instructor for the Department of Homeland Security, I.C.E. and currently works in that capacity in Boise, Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Mark has over 35 years’ experience with firearms.   This experience began in 1979 when he served for 3 years in the US Army as a Military Police Officer.   After the service to his country, Mark worked for many years as a Police Officer for the City of Idaho Falls.  There he served as a Patrolman, Traffic Officer and a Detective.  Today, Mark is a Federal Police Officer and Firearms Instructor with The Department of Homeland Security.  He is qualified as a "Distinguished Expert" with a handgun through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Mark currently teaches classes for DHS in General Security Awareness and Active Shooter Response. 

An Idaho Native and lifelong sportsman, Mark is an avid elk hunter and Outdoorsman and a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL).   He has spent a lifetime learning about firearms and firearm safety. He is passionate about the freedoms we have in this great country, and he is anxious to share some of his knowledge and passion with you!

Mark writes:

"There are many very talented and qualified Firearms Instructors to choose from in Idaho.   It is important to choose the right one to meet your individual needs. Many of the Firearms Instructors conducting business today are pretty "high speed" guys-- very talented and able to teach some very, very advanced firearms skills.   I can do a little of this as well, but there are guys around who can do it better than I can.   Personally, I prefer to concentrate my efforts more on the folks who are just starting out -- or those just trying to improve their basicshooting skills by mastering the fundamentals.

At 54 years of age, I have grown a little tired of the "door kicking -- guns-a-blazing" mentality.   I just enjoy teaching people how to shoot well.  Teaching the basics of firearm proficiency, with a heavy emphasis on being SAFE!   Nothing makes me happier than running into someone who is eager to learn how to properly and safely own and operate a firearm.   So, if you want a super high speed guy to teach you how to "Run and Gun," call me and I will give you his name and number.   If you want a safe, friendly training environment -- one in which you will learn to be a better, safer shooter -- give me a call!   I believe that I am one of the most qualified Firearms Instructors in the State of Idaho, and I really look forward to sharing this great sport -- this great freedom -- this great responsibility with you. Come learn to shoot with me!"


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center certifications include:

  • Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program (LEITP)                  

  • Uniform Police Training Program (UPTP)

  • Use of Force Instructor Program (UOFIP)

 Mark has also attended several National Firearms Instructor and Advanced Firearms Instructor courses around the United States. Mark is a certified Field Training Officer (FTO), and he is fully certified in CPR, First Aid and AED.