Basic Firearm Safety is a half day class, running about 4 to 5 hours.  It is entirely done in a classroom, and involves no actual "live fire."  This class is geared toward the beginner, who wants to learn how to properly handle, store and maintain their firearm.  We use "training guns" extensively in this class.  These guns are the same size and weight of real guns, but made only of hard rubber.  Whe you are finished with this class, you will feel much more confident having a firearm in your home.  This class is affordable, at only $75 per person.  The class does meet state requirements for application for a regular Idaho Concealed Weapons Permit.  We cover some pretty interesting things in this class.  We think you will be very happy with this half day class.


Topics Covered:  Firearm Safety.  Firearms types.  Proper storage and maint.  Ammunition.  Shooting fundementals -- grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger press.  Mental prepration.  Legal considerations.


Note:  For pre-assembled groups of 5 or more, the cost is $50 per person.  We can do groups of 5 or 6, all the way up to hundreds.  This is a great option for church groups, proffessional offices, family and friends.  We have done several of these classes or local businesses who wanted to help keep their employees safe in their homes and on their off time.  

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