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At Double Tapp we believe that there are many facets to the safe, proper ownership, handling and operation of a firearm. We refuse to teach any basic firearm class without spending some time on some of the legal aspects and other considerations involved. It's not all about sight alignment and trigger control. There is much more to it. How can anyone expect to safely own and carry a firearm if they do not understand the legal responsibilities involved? This idea became popular here in Idaho not long ago with the Idaho’s “Enhanced” CCP -- but it has always been our policy here at Double Tapp.

Worth the fee or it’s FREE!

We specialize in training people who have very little, if any experience with firearms. We often see people who are nervous and even some who are experiencing a little anxiety. Our techniques and training methods are relaxed and without pressure. By the end of the day, you will be very happy you attended. We guarantee it! If you don’t get what you’re paying for — DON”T PAY FOR IT! If we wasted your time, we certainly don’t want to waste your money too! Read our reviews on Google. Ask your friends. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. This is about YOU! It’s about making YOU more safe and secure, in a world that is becoming less safe and secure every day. Come train with us! You’ll be glad you did!


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Meet our instructor

Forty years experience in all aspects of firearms

US Military as well as Law Enforcement/ Investigations at the city, county state and federal levels


As are most firearms instructors in the valley — Mark Cerchione is a certified NRA Firearms Instructor.  His training and certifications go well beyond that, making Mark what we believe to be the most qualified firearms instructor in Idaho.  Mark is a certified Physical Security Specialist with the Department of Homeland Security, and conducts physical security assessments on federal property throughout Idaho.   He is also a certified Law Enforcement Instructor, meaning that he has been trained — TO TRAIN.  Mark is a certified Firearms Instructor AND a certified Use of Force Instructor for the United States Department of Homeland Security, DHS/ I.C.E. -- currently working full time in that capacity in Boise, Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.  Mark has 40 years’ experience with firearms, and has served in the US Army, as well as worked in Law Enforcement and Investigations at the city, county, state AND federal levels.  This professional work experience began in 1979 when Mark served for 3 years in the US Army as a Military Police Officer. After the service to his country, Mark worked for many years as a Police Officer for the City of Idaho Fall.   There he served as a Patrolman, Traffic Officer and a Detective. Today, Mark is a Federal Police Officer and Firearms Instructor with The Department of Homeland Security. He is qualified as a "Distinguished Expert" with a handgun through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  Mark currently teaches classes for DHS in General Security Awareness and Active Shooter Response. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) certifications include:

Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program (LEITP)

Uniform Police Training Program (UPTP)

Use of Force Instructor Program (UOFIP)

Mark has attended several National Firearms Instructor and Advanced Firearms Instructor courses around the United States. Mark is a certified Field Training Officer (FTO), and he is fully certified in CPR, First Aid and AED. An Idaho Native and lifelong sportsman, Mark is an avid elk hunter and Outdoors-man as well as a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL). Mark is a gifted instructor, and just has a way of explaining things in an easy to understand, common sense kind of way. He has spent a lifetime learning about firearms and firearm safety. He is passionate about the freedoms we have in this great country, and he is anxious to share some of his knowledge and passion with you!

Mark writes:

"There are many very talented and qualified Firearms Instructors to choose from in Idaho. It’s very important to choose the right one to meet your individual needs. Many of the Firearms Instructors conducting business today are pretty "high speed" guys-- very talented and able to teach some very, very advanced firearms skills. I can do a little of this as well, but there are guys around who can do it better than I can. Personally, I prefer to concentrate my efforts more on the folks who are just starting out -- or those just trying to improve their basic shooting skills by mastering the fundamentals.

At 57 years of age, I have grown a little tired of the "door kicking -- guns-a-blazing" mentality. I just enjoy teaching people how to shoot well and be safe doing it. Teaching the basics of firearm proficiency, with a heavy emphasis on being SAFE! Nothing makes me happier than running into someone who is eager to learn how to properly and safely own and operate a firearm. So, if you want a super high speed guy to teach you how to "Run and Gun," and shoot from the back of a moving truck — call me and I will give you his name and number. If you just want a safe, friendly training environment -- one in which you will learn to be a better, safer shooter -- give me a call! I believe that I am one of the most qualified Firearms Instructors in the State of Idaho, and I really look forward to sharing this great sport -- this great freedom -- this great responsibility, with you. Come learn to shoot with me!"

From 1964 To Today…


Mark Has A Lifetime OF Experience to Share with you!


Basic Pistol and personal safety (PPS)

To Book a training date, email

Our Basic Pistol and Personal Safety (PPS) class is the foundation of our training. This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know to properly and safely own and operate a firearm. The class qualifies for application for Idaho’s “Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit, as well as Oregon’s CCP - even for non-Oregon residents.This class covers Firearms Safety, Fundamentals of Good Marksmanship, Mental Preparation, Legal Aspects, Use of Force, Cleaning and Maintenance and Safe Storage. It is a very complete and popular class, and as with all of our training — it’s guaranteed! Not “if you don’t like the class, you can take it again for free,” guaranteed, like some others nn town. More like “if you don’t get what you’re paying for — don’t pay guarantee. This class will exceed your expectations, or you don’t pay a dime. If we waste your valuable time, we certainly don’t want you to waste your money too.

We have more than 30 of the most popular handguns for use and/or rent. A wide range of Glock pistols in all sizes and calibers. We have Ruger, Sig, Walther, Taurus, Browning and more. In calibers we have .22, .380, 9mm, .40 SW, .45, .38 and .357. As part of our service, we want you to end the day with a solid understanding of what model and caliber fits you best.

This class runs $120 per person, plus ammunition costs and gun rental if we provide. You are welcome to bring your own firearm and ammunition if you would like. If you have a group of 5 or more, the cost is $100 per person plus ammunition costs, and the firearms are available for use for free.

Private Day -For Two People PPS

Our most popular option! Full day, $300 for two

The Private Day is our Pistol and Personal Safety Class, as described above, but in a more private setting, with just one or two people. This class is by far our most popular. We do these private days about four to one over the full classes. The private class is fantastic for couples who want to learn together. It builds a solid foundation for future trips to the range — together. This class is perfect for those who may have some degree of apprehension about firearms. With no pressure, lots of patience and careful instruction, we have been very successful introducing new and skeptical shooters to the world of firearms and self-protection. Within the last two months , we have heard women who were simply taking the class because their husbands wanted them to say “wow, I could get passionate about this,” and “Honey, take me to Cabela’s and buy me that gun!"

Half Day

spent on whatever you want to focus on! AR-15, emergency reloads, movement, safety, fundementals, shotgun… $150 half day

Double Tapp does Half Day classes to work on whatever suits you. It can be used for rifle training — hunting or tactical. Shotgun or Pistol training on any level — from beginner to advanced. The Half Day class has been used by people to work on basic skills like grip and stance to more advanced skills like emergency reloads, emergency clearing drills and faster target acquisition. Half day classes run $150 for 4 hours, and comes with the same 100% “worth the fee, or it’s free” guarantee that all of our training does.


Other Classes and Services Available:

  •  OC Pepper Spray 

  • Active Shooter Awareness  

  • Security Awareness Training 

  • Church Security Detail Planning and Organization

  • Home and Business Security Consultations 


A Private Range with a culture of safety

Double tapp range


Double Tapp Private Range

Double Tapp, LLC owns this 160 acre private range facility, nicely located just 17 miles east of Boise, just off of I-84 at exit #71. Our range is 3 minutes from the Boise Stage Stop, which has great food, fuel and a retail store. We use this range for our instruction, and a number of other well qualified professional Instructor use it as well. The range is under continual development. The vision for this wonderful piece of property includes 200 lanes of handgun ranges, some of which will be dedicated to steel targets, some rifle range availability out to 300 yards, shotgun ranges for sporting clays, a robust 3 gun area with areas that allow 360 degree shooting, classrooms, picnic areas, fire pits and more.

We are taking memberships applications now, for what is certain to be Idaho’s premeir, private firearms range. We’ve been working on getting this range up and running for the last 2 years! We’ve had many delays, as we’ve worked our way through the red tape and bureaucracy, but we got it done! We will be constantly adding ranges and buildings over the next 3 to 5 years.

Memberships Available:

Single $210 per year

Family $370 per year

Instructor $110 per year

Multi year and corporate rates are available

Email for membership information!



  • 17 miles from Boise

  • Easy access

  • Low member/shooting lane ratio

  • Three minutes from Boise Stage Stop (food, fuel, etc)

  • Covered and enclosed (3 sides) shooting structures to protect shooters from the elements

  • Safe family environment with a culture that evolves around safety

Most of our ranges will have what we call our “shooting shacks.”

Most of our ranges will have what we call our “shooting shacks.”

Fully enclosed, with roll-up doors, these will provide protection from wind, rain or sun!

Fully enclosed, with roll-up doors, these will provide protection from wind, rain or sun!

Double Tapp Range Main Gate

Double Tapp Range Main Gate


Commentary on Relevant Issues

It seems that every-so-often a gun related topic hits the news these days, and these episodes are becoming more and more frequent.  I am often asked my opinion on these issues, and usually write a post for my Facebook page – sometimes my personal page (for friends) and sometimes the Double Tapp public page.  I’ve decided to post some of these writings here on my website.  I believe that for some, these can be interesting and maybe even informational.  For those thinking about doing some training, it will help you gain a perspective on me and how feel about these critical issues.   I guess it could drive some business to me – and some away.  It’s important for instructors and students to “be on the same page” when it comes to these issues, so I believe that it will be a good thing either way.  Please feel free to email me at with comments, questions or concerns. 

Open Carry in Idaho

My thoughts on "open carry" of a firearm. Disclaimer;  Its long, and you may be disappointed....

I have had a number of people ask me what my thoughts are on the subject of “open carry” in Idaho – or anywhere else for that matter. Interest in this subject has been particularly high in the last few days due to a recent “incident” that apparently took place at a local Boise restaurant. The restaurant is called Bacon – and it is in downtown Boise.  It seems that an Idaho State Legislator from Eastern Idaho decided to “open carry” a firearm inside the restaurant while dining, and it caused a bit of a stir.  I am not saying if he was right or wrong.  He certainly didn’t break any laws that I am aware of.  The “right” or “wrong” is a personal decision in this case, I guess.  Below is simply my opinion. 

First, I need to express my respect – no – my reverence for any eating establishment known as “Bacon” anything. I have a tremendous fascination and a nearly “out-of-control need” to go visit any eating establishment called “Bacon” anything!  It must be a great place! I imagine that this recent “incident” and the attention surrounding it, will do nothing but help drive sales for this obviously great eatery over the next few weeks. I promise you – I’m going to visit. But I will not be carrying an “open” firearm when I do.

I will anger some people with my personal thoughts on this issue, and for that I am not sorry. I certainly do not want to anger anyone – but the “angry” part would not be my fault. It would be yours.  The reason for this is, as stated above, this is simply my personal opinion on the subject.  And we all certainly have a right to an opinion. It may not necessarily be right. It may or may not be the same as yours. But it is my opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less. Also, my comments are not in regards to whether or not I believe that "open carry" of a firearm should be legal or illegal. It’s simply about how I feel about it.

Sadly, we live during a time in which crazy people, for whatever reason are taking guns into crowded public places and killing folks. To me, this is not a gun problem, but a serious “people” problem. A societal issue, brought on perhaps by the break-down of our homes and families, as well as the desensitization of our young people. Removing personal contact is certainly not going to promote healthy interpersonal skills and interaction. Evil seems to me, to be ruling the day all around us. When I was a kid, we would get home from school and Mom would hand us a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and out the door we would go. We would play football – run around the neighborhood, have dirt-clod fights – whatever – until it was time for dinner at 5:30. When I was a police officer in the 1980’s and 90’s I saw this little “Norman Rockwell” thing kind of breaking down. The calls I was taking were often in homes filled with single moms and kids with dirty clothes and snot covered faces. These kids would come home from school - not to a mother offering up her freshly baked cookies, but to a computer game of some sort, which allowed them to kill a few dozen people before dinner time, in impressive graphic detail. At about 6 pm, mom would come home from work, throw a micro-wave hot pocket at the kid, who was becoming so skilled at carrying out his virtual killing spree that he barely had to take his eyes from the screen to make the catch. Another few dozen bloody corpses and it was off to bed. I wondered back then, what affect this would have on our society two, three or four decades down the road. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the crazy times we are living in now or not. I do know that back in the 1970’s we students would go to high school with a shotgun or a rifle displayed in a gun rack in the back window of our pick- up trucks. On any given day, especially in the Fall, there were likely dozens of firearms out in the student parking lot. And no one ever heard of a “school shooting.” The idea of something like that was just sick. Unheard of. It was the same guns sitting out there in that parking lot as those we have today. It’s the people who are different.

So – being a people problem, things for me start getting really scary. A problem with some innominate object is easier to address than a serious, down deep people problem. Just wait until these sick people find out that there are much more efficient ways to kill lots of folks -- other than guns. You see it happening now a little, with trucks. The largest amount of death and damage done that I know about was done with a truck full of cow poop. . Pretty easy stuff. The ignorance of those who believe that you can legislate this problem away by taking away the freedoms of honest, decent Americans astounds me. It really does. I truly believe that the day will come when we will wish sick people were just using guns to kill people in public places. We will remember the “good old days” when numbers of dead were usually limited to single digits. It’s not at all about guns. It’s about people.

Regarding “open carry:

Today, unfortunately, we have little kids – maybe as young as 3, 4 and 5 who are being told what to do if someone comes into their school and starts shooting guns and killing people. Families walking through the mall, go to a movie or eat in a busy restaurant and in many cases dreadful thoughts might be on their minds -- depending on where they live and how recent the last public massacre was. Personally, I don’t want to stand in line at Wal-Mart, next to some 6-year-old little girl with cute little pigtails and a bewildered look on her face, staring at my Glock .40 Smith and Wesson, in full view, strapped to my side, a mere 24 inches from her face. She doesn’t need to see that. She doesn’t need to deal with that.  She doesn’t need that to be part of her day.  Does she?

If you ask someone who “open carries” their firearm in a busy city, “why” - they may say “because I can.” Or you might even get “because I have a right to.” To me – those just are not valid reasons to make others around you uncomfortable.  

So really, the only two possible reasons that I can think of to open carry really are because “I can” or I have a right to.”  It sure isn’t for self-defense.  The ability to defend ones-self is actually seriously diminished with the loss of the tactical advantage that carrying a well concealed firearm affords.  Self-protection is much better realized with a firearm that is concealed. Carrying a firearm in the open, visible to everyone, puts you at a tremendous disadvantage tactically. I’m not even going to get very deep into this because it’s a fact that just doesn’t need a lot of explanation. There is a difference between a uniformed cop making a traffic stop in the middle of the night, on a suspicious car with a driver he/she knows nothing about, and me walking down an isle in Albertsons buying my Hagen Das Chocolate Chip. There just is.

I believe that any responsible gun owner should be understanding of and sensitive to the feelings of others. ALL others. Even the dumbasses who don’t have the slightest clue about their God given right and absolute responsibility to protect themselves. We should never want to do anything to make others uncomfortable.

Its foolhardy and childish to think that you need to walk around downtown Boise with a gun hanging off your belt. The more “crazy” and “over the top” our actions can be looked at by the anti-gun crowd, the more fuel we add to the fire of those who seek to destroy our freedom. The more respectful and reasonable we remain, the harder it will be for them to gain strength and momentum. Just my two cents.


FFL Transfers

Double Tapp, LLC is a Federal Firearms license holder (FFL) and can take care of any firearm transfer needs that you may have. We charge $20 per transfer if you DO have an Idaho Concealed Carry Permit, and $25 if you do not. Extra firearms, as part of the same transfer are $10 extra, each. So two firearms, purchased and shipped together would be $30 for a person who has an Idaho CCP and $35 for a person without. We are listed with many of the major online retailers such as Buds Guns, GunBroker and others. So, if you buy a firearm online, be sure to look for us as your FFL. If you do not see us listed on the retailer’s website, let us know and we will contact the retailer, and send them a copy of our FFL. Just shoot us an email at

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